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YUKON firstly official flagship store grand opening in China Time:2012/6/21
The  YUKON firstly flagship storeof Longot Technology Development CO.,LTD, opening on June 21, 2012, at Sam’s Club stores in Dalian City the Xigang Xianglujiao Wal-Mart grand .


Longot Dalian YUKON flagship store is the flagship store of the first products of the YUKON Group in China, successfully entered Dalian Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club stores, products marked YUOKN Group officially stationed in the mainland of China large-scale high-end stores, YUKON Group join forces Shenzhen Long high Technology Development Co., Ltd. is another strategic move in China.

        At the opening ceremony, Mr. Liu Zhigang, chairman of Shenzhen
Longot Technology Development CO.,LTD. and Heihe Bolang Technology Development CO.,LTD. and the the YUKON Group’s Chief Representative in China, Mr. Matusevich Oleg, the common speech and ribbon-cutting, Long Coudert sub-company officials, who arrived at the scene to celebrate the opening ceremony, the YUKON Group headquarters to call and send flowers to congratulate the same time, many companies at home and abroad customers have to call to celebrate.
Longot Dalian YUKON flagship store in the main show: white light telescope the YUKON Group YUKON PULSAR brand, Spotting scope, white sight, night vision, night vision scopes, laser range finder and its products accessories; Japan NIKON binoculars and other products.


         Dalian Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club stores opened at the beginning had absorption member 10 million people, the opening day,
Longot YUKON flagship store for its well-known high-end products and its low-key luxury store become a bright spot in the entire super store, YUKON , PULSAR, NIKON products in such a concentrated, shiny image display.