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How to choose a target Time:2018-12-17
 For those just getting started sight fancier, while looking around or play with others when the sight is very practical, but when you start a sight after always a problem? This is a sight selection problem.

In this regard, the choice of sight, it can be said that the knowledge to play big. The first is to get after sight and then classified according to their own needs to buy. The aim is to be divided into two major categories: one is fixed and the other is the zoom lens. And then carefully selected according to their actual situation in these two categories.

Generally speaking, the structure of the fixed times more simple, more suitable for beginners to use, and its adjustable, active parts of the very few, the reliability of components; variable times the mirror is not the same, the structure is more complex than the fixed times, can be more active parts, parts of the reliability is relatively low.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the two sides, we must take into account the use of people’s specific use, set the advantages of the lens, so the shooting time is very stable, higher accuracy, but it is the disadvantage is that its reaction speed is very slow, and can only guarantee a good use in its fixed ratio, if the multiplier is not the same as the lens is not the same as the use of time, often will be set at a low rate, can be adjusted according to the actual situation in the sight.

So, set the mirror more suitable for novice, shooting those from the fixed target, as long as the ratio is determined, then set the time to adapt to this situation, the user will be more than a time of the use of the target time for the elderly, but also have some experience, so, in the purchase of sight, not just to look good like this situation, but also specifically to consider their own situation.